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This Sunday, August 28th from 6-8:30pm:

VamosTogether is proud to announce the “I Have a Dream” March on the State Capitol for Immigrant and HIV Justice.  People of conscience are mobilizing against the civil rights abuses of the draconian immigration law HB56 and the human rights abuses caused by the incomplete funding of ADAP (AIDS Drug Assistance Program).  Marking the anniversary of Rev. King’s March on Washington and his legendary speech to the nation,  “I Have A Dream,” we will be following in his footsteps and his spirit and going together to his dream of the beloved community.

Meet at the fountain at One Dexter Plaza in Downtown Montgomery at 6pm on August 28th, 2011.  People from across the state and from all walks of life will take part in a collective, creative protest against HB56, which is currently scheduled to take full effect come September with a procession, prayers, hymns, and speeches.

Wear white, bring candles and come out to hear speeches from clergy and community leaders on immigrant rights, HIV rights, and civil rights.

WeGoTogether! VamosTogether!

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Este Domingo, el 28 de Agosto, 18:00 – 20:30.

VamosTogether anuncia “Tengo un Sueno” Marcha a la Capital para Justicia para Immigrantes y Personas con SIDA.  Los personas de Alabama caminaran en el espiritu de Rev. King parar justicia para immigrantes y pacientes VIH para senalar el ultimo domingo antes de septiembre cuando la ley injusta HB56 esta programada de estar puesto en efecto.

Vamos a empeziar a 1 Dexter Plaza y vamos a caminar a la Capital.  Ponga ropa blanca.  Llevar velas y amigos.  Vamos a ser canciones, oraciones, y discursos sobre justicia, libertad, y igualidad.

VamosJuntos! VamosTogether!

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  1. Jim Bains says:

    We will be distributing information about this event Saturday at the Jobs & Justice event in Birmingham. I’ll also send some for distribution at the Young Democrats picnic Saturday. Keep up the good work. The Struggle continues…
    Jim Bains

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