Montgomery, AL- In this past Sunday’s editorial, Montgomery Advertiser reporter Brian Lyman interviewed an undocumented immigrant named Alejandro and asked him about his life in Alabama.

Alejandro came to Alaba­ma for the same reason he first left the mountains where he grew up: He want­ed to better himself and his family…

In Mexico, “I always asked for a raise, but they never gave it to me,” he said. “And then I realized the only one getting to be a millionaire was the boss.”

Immigration had always been a possibility, and over 17 years he managed to save $2,500 for that purpose.

When he had his realiza­tion, he didn’t hesitate.

“It was a moment’s decision,” he said. “Because if you plan it too much, it will never happen. Just one day, talking with co-workers, (I realized) this is never going to get any better.

To cross the desert, Alejandro had to pay $1,500 to join a group 0f 20 on a 4 day trek into the desert.  He had to leave behind his 7 year old daughter and a son he has never seen.

“The little girl is saying ‘Don’t leave, stay here,’” he said. “That’s when it breaks your heart.”

After working in Alabama for 10 years, Alejandro can now pay for his daughter to begin college in the fall. He has worked in construction and mechanical jobs. While he says the new immigration law terrifies him,  he doesn’t want to move. “I’m happy and accus­tomed to being where I am.”

Read the full article on the Montgomery Advertiser’s website.

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