Ten Things to Know About Alabama’s New Immigration Law

On September 28th, 2011, the most sweeping anti-immigration law in the country went into effect in Alabama.  The law, HB 56, has already had harsh and sweeping consequences—hurting not only undocumented immigrants but legal residents, native-born U.S. citizens, and the state’s reputation on the national stage.  HB 56 has created a climate of hostility for Hispanics and immigrants that has caused many of them to flee the state or lock themselves in their houses, while devastating Alabama’s agriculture and construction industries and creating massive bureaucratic hassles for citizens who are just trying to get their vehicle tags renewed. Continue reading

Congressman Gutierrez in Birmingham on Saturday

U.S. Rep. Louis Gutierrez

Congressman Gutierrez will be traveling to Birmingham Saturday to put a national spotlight on Alabama’s immigration law. Continue reading

What they are saying about the latest ruling on HB 56:

Birmingham, 10/18/11-

Alabama’s immigration law was left relatively untouched when it went into effect 3 weeks ago. The law caused wide-spread panic and fear among the Alabama Hispanic community. However, on Friday Oct. 14th the 11th Court of Appeals struck down 2 provisions of the law. Continue reading

The Day of the Dead: The Legacy of Land, Liberty, and Limpiezas in the Americas

The Legacy of Land, Liberty, and Limpiezas in the Americas

Oct. 10–  Today marks a day, which ironically falls during Hispanic Heritage Month, that clearly shows how America has unfortunately white washed its history, excluding that of minorities, who’s stories have been considered undesirable by the writers of history, the “victors,” because they do not fit with America’s theme of being the “land of liberty.”  Continue reading

America’s Children Flee From Home and Hate

Sweet Home Alabama is no longer sweet nor home for children who were born and raised in Alabama, but in the eyes of the state, they were born to the wrong parents, the undocumented.

CNN’s Gustavo Valdez had this report about the plight of Montgomery, Alabama’s Vazquez family-

Gabriela Vazquez maneuvers through piles of clothes and toys while trying to control her two small children.

“They never stop,” she says, while pulling a pair of pants from an almost-empty drawer and deciding whether to toss the pants to the “keep” or “leave” pile. The decision is not an easy one. Continue reading

Alabama’s Shame


Alabama’s Shame

Published in the New York Times: October 3, 2011

As for Alabama, one has to wonder at such counterproductive cruelty. Do Alabamans want children too frightened to go to school? Or pregnant women too frightened to seek care? Whom could that possibly benefit?Continue reading

Injustice Implemented: HB56 becomes law Thursday- Thousands of Americans go without water in solidarity

To Kill a Mockingbird is a sin. To Atticus Finch a mockingbird is as innocent and precious and beautiful sounding as a children's choir.

The state of Alabama will have killed a mockingbird tomorrow when it outlaws and criminalizes the lives of thousands of hard working and caring families in the state.

The sun will come up tomorrow, but Alabama’s blue skies will be subdued as will many of its residents when they awaken to find themselves in a state that looks more like it did 60 years ago during the era of Jim Crow, an era that many had presumed was long gone in the age of Obama; but Alabama  has proved that not to be the case when U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn ruled this afternoon to allow most of the HB56, known to many as “Juan Crow,” to take full effect tomorrow, Thursday, September 29th. Continue reading